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Hello you wonderful human!

Thanks for stopping by :)


I’m Mollie, a true believer in the magic of movement.


I have been practising yoga and trying all different forms of movement and exercise for many years, I can honestly say that bringing movement into my life completely changed the way I live, the way I feel about myself and my body.


I’m a total believer that movement is not only about your physical being but mentally too, it brings happiness, a clear mind and confidence, it is absolutely essential in all our lives.


My classes are all about empowering you to move your body freely, connect with yourself and each other, to embrace who YOU are and the body you are living in!

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new, please reach out with any questions or just for a chat. xo


*full address info on 'Timetable' page


Feel the magic of movement and allow it to transform your soul